(1) Parts of stock returns not explained by the explanatory variable (the market-index return). They measure the impact of firm-specific events during a particular period. (2) Remainder cash flows generated by pool collateral and those needed to fund bonds supported by the collateral. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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residual re‧sid‧u‧al [rɪˈzɪdʒuəl] adjective ACCOUNTING
1. residual income/​revenue/​assets etc the amount of money or assets left after all taxes or other necessary payments have been made:

• the right to any residual assets on the liquidation of the company

— residual noun [countable] :

• the value of the residual after all fixed claims have been met

2. residual income/​payments money that someone gets because work that they did previously continues to produce income, for example money that a writer or actor gets when their work is broadcast again
— residuals noun [plural] :

• The industry is proposing cuts in residuals for certain television reruns.

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residuals UK US /rɪˈzɪdjuəlz/ noun [plural] FINANCE, ACCOUNTING
RESIDUAL INCOME(Cf. ↑residual income)
RESIDUAL VALUE(Cf. ↑residual value)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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